Class Socialveo\Core\session\User


Class User

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
__construct() User constructor. Socialveo\Core\session\User
auth() Try to authenticate user Socialveo\Core\session\User
getAvailabilityStatus() Returns user availability status Socialveo\Core\session\User
getIsGuest() Returns is user guest Socialveo\Core\session\User
getIsLogged() Returns is user logged Socialveo\Core\session\User
getStatusesAvailability() Returns all possible availability statuses Socialveo\Core\session\User
getUser() Returns user model Socialveo\Core\session\User
logout() Logout Socialveo\Core\session\User

Property Details

$id public property
public integer $id null
$network_uuid public property
public string $network_uuid null
$uuid public property
public string $uuid null

Method Details

__construct() public method

User constructor.

public void __construct ( Phalcon\Session\Adapter $session )
$session Phalcon\Session\Adapter
auth() public method

Try to authenticate user

public boolean auth ( Socialveo\Core\models\User $user, $remember false )
$user Socialveo\Core\models\User
$remember boolean


return boolean

Returns false if user is inactive or blocked

getAvailabilityStatus() public method

Returns user availability status

public string|null getAvailabilityStatus ( )
getIsGuest() public method

Returns is user guest

public boolean getIsGuest ( )
getIsLogged() public method

Returns is user logged

public boolean getIsLogged ( )
getStatusesAvailability() public method

Returns all possible availability statuses

public array getStatusesAvailability ( )
getUser() public method

Returns user model

public null|Socialveo\Core\models\User getUser ( )
logout() public method


public void logout ( )