Class Socialveo\Core\forms\CustomFieldsForm

Uses TraitsSocialveo\Core\Translatable

Class CustomFieldsForm

Protected Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
removeFromValidation() Remove attribute from validation and add default value Socialveo\Core\forms\CustomFieldsForm


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ConstantValueDescriptionDefined By
MODE_NETWORKS 'networks' Socialveo\Core\forms\CustomFieldsForm
MODE_PROFILE 'profile' Socialveo\Core\forms\CustomFieldsForm

Property Details

$config public property
public array $config null
$controlField public property
public $controlField null
$defaults protected property
protected array $defaults = []
$elementsClassmap public static property
public static array $elementsClassmap = ['checkbox' => \Phalcon\Forms\Element\Check::class, 'select' => 'Socialveo\Core\forms\element\Select']
$fields protected property
protected array $fields = []
$form public property
public Phalcon\Forms\Form $form null
$mode protected property
protected string $mode null
$validators public static property
public static array $validators = ['password' => '\Socialveo\Core\validation\validator\Password''uniquenessurl' => '\Socialveo\Core\validation\validator\UniquenessUrl']

Method Details

addField() public method

Add field

public void addField ( $type, $attribute, $data )
$type string
$attribute string
$data array
throws Exception
addValidators() public method

Add validators

public void addValidators ( $element, $attribute, $data )
$element Phalcon\Forms\Element
$attribute string
$data array
throws Exception
beforeValidation() public method

Rewrite validators

public void beforeValidation ( $data, $entity )
$data array
$entity object
enddef() public method

End custom hide block

public string enddef ( )
getDefaults() public method

Apply defaults data

public array getDefaults ( )
getElement() public method

Get element from name

public string|Phalcon\Forms\Element getElement ( $name )
$name string
getForm() public method

Returns form

public Phalcon\Forms\Form getForm ( )
getValidator() public method

Get validator from name

public string|Phalcon\Validation\Validator getValidator ( $name )
$name string
ifdef() public method

Custom hide block

public string ifdef ( $name )
$name string
init() public method

Init form from config

public Phalcon\Forms\Form init ( $config, $controlField, $form '\\Phalcon\\Forms\\Form', $mode self::MODE_NETWORKS )
$config array
$controlField string
$form string|object

[optional] Create form extends from class

$mode string

[optional] Mode, 'profile' or 'networks'

throws Exception
isdef() public method

Returns is def attribute Note. Works only for profile

public boolean isdef ( $name )
$name string
removeFromValidation() protected method

Remove attribute from validation and add default value

protected void removeFromValidation ( $attribute, $default '' )
$attribute string
$default mixed

[optional] Default value

render() public method

Render fields of custom networks

public string render ( $view null )
$view string


renderField() public method

Render field

public string renderField ( $field, $options = [], $view null )
$field string


$view string