Class Socialveo\Core\behaviors\HasAssociations

InheritanceSocialveo\Core\behaviors\HasAssociations » Phalcon\Mvc\Model\Behavior
Uses TraitsSocialveo\Core\Translatable
Available since version1.0

Class HasAssociations

Method Details

afterCreate() public method (available since version 1.0)

After create

Checks the current request body for "associations" property, if found (and user_uuid is set on the model being created) iterates through all associations in the request and attempts to create proper Association records to the model.

public void afterCreate ( Phalcon\Mvc\ModelInterface $model )
$model Phalcon\Mvc\ModelInterface
afterDelete() public method (available since version 1.0)


Checks if the model being deleted has any associations in the "associations" property if so, iterates through all associations and attempts to delete them, one by one

public void afterDelete ( Phalcon\Mvc\ModelInterface $model )
$model Phalcon\Mvc\ModelInterface
notify() public method (available since version 1.0)

Delegates events

public void notify ( $eventType, Phalcon\Mvc\ModelInterface $model )
$eventType string
$model Phalcon\Mvc\ModelInterface